Spot the Differences in the Covers Giveaway

Just for fun, and to have an excuse to give away a signed copy of The Vengeful Dead, you need only comment below about differences between the two covers, which is for book three in my series, due out in April. The first cover is the original, the second has been “touched up” by myself. Hint: there are six (updated this from four) spots with changes in them.  You get one point toward the giveaway drawing for each one spotted. Have fun, and happy reading/writing everyone.





5 responses to “Spot the Differences in the Covers Giveaway

  1. The heel of her shoe
    Direction of her gun
    Amount of tummy showing

    I might have to get a hard copy of the first one too! Reading on my phone is going embarrassingly slowly 😦

  2. 1 – Boot heel
    2 – Her shirt length
    3 – Guns positioned differently
    4 – His coat is shown differently at bottom
    5 – Lighting on her face
    6 – A little size difference above “The”

  3. All I can find is the heel of Jackie’s shoe and the length of her shirt. I thought there was something different about her hair by her ear, but it looks like that’s just my monitor.

    Next one comes out in April? YAY! It’s a wait, but I’m up for it.

  4. First? Hrm…four huh?


    1. Jackie’s boot heel
    2. Her top length

    and…uhm…and…it’ll take better eyes than mine to find the other two!

    Haven’t commented in awhile. Sorry to be a stranger. Hopefully, deadlines will ease up and I can be a regular ‘net type again. (But I can’t resist a challenge like this so I had to jump in! LOL)