And we have a winner!

Grats, Wade! You successfully stacked the deck by finding all of the alterations made to my book cover. I’ll need an address to send you your prize. For those wondering, the alterations were as follows:

  1. Jackie’s face. Trimmed and altered shading so that she didn’t look quite like she’d been punched on the right side of her face.
  2. De-gangstafied her guns. Let’s face it, as cool as it is to go gangsta with your guns, no FBI agent is going to be caught dead shooting like that, so I turned them a bit.
  3. My, what big boobs you have! Trimmed down her breasts a tad. Jackie is not nearly so well endowed as this cover would indicate. lol.
  4. Stilettos? Really? Thickened up the boot heel on her boots. Again, not something Jackie would ever wear. Her boots have no heel, and they’re steel-toed for that extra umph!
  5. That’s a very cute belly button you have. Too much work to fill in her entire midriff, but lengthened the shirt a bit so it wasn’t quite so sports bra-like.
  6. What’s with the duster? I still can’t tell for sure exactly how that duster of Nicks is blowing out behind him, but it looked rather odd, so I widened it out a couple of inches.

Anyway, thank you to those who commented. Keep in touch though, as I’m sure I’ll be doing another giveaway soon. Happy reading/writing everyone!



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