Need some ideas here.

The blog has lagged for the past couple of months, and it’s time to get it going again, and my brain is a bit fried atm. So…I’m soliciting thoughts/ideas from you all on topics/themes to get going with again. It should be either: writing, urban fantasy, paranormal, crime fiction related in some form or another, but I’m open to almost anything right now. Let’s hear your thoughts!


5 responses to “Need some ideas here.

  1. Hey Jim,

    I’m always keen to hear about things you’ve learned from the publishing machine – things you didn’t expect, unrealistic expectations you had, pleasant surprises, etc, etc.

    I’m also interested in what you’re doing next. Do you have a contract for more books, or will you be out on the trail again?

    Any self-editing tips / tricks you learned from being professionally edited?

    Hope you’re well, looking forward to seeing more of you!


    • I know I can always put up tidbits learned from the publishing world, which I’ll do on occasion, but I want to get something going that will work on an ongoing basis, that will elicit interest on a weekly basis from the blog followers. Putting up stuff that’s of interest to writers is always good, but I want something too, that will have readers stopping by as well.

  2. Tristan – If you’re looking to just kick-start your writing, I suggest the following:

    Pick a situation from your past week to give you a setting and ambiance (or turn on TV for 15 minutes – but no longer!)

    Add something weird to the normal setting to form a twist (a political figure suddenly changes his position on an incredibly important issue with no explanation; someone disappears/reappears, but is different somehow; the sky turns purple; someone loses/regains their memory; the patients at a mental facility down the street all start speaking a new language that only they can understand… you get the drift)

    Write what happens next and don’t look back for several pages.

    See if the idea can become novel. If not, make it a short story, but finish it. Nothing spurs a writer on like finishing a new piece.

    Good luck – and remember, you are too talented not to share your imagination with the world.

  3. I have been doing my writing blog for several months and it has made no difference in getting my book exposed. But I never thought it would. I simply blog for my own personal history. If something comes of it, great, but I doubt anything ever will. Sorry, but that is how I see all this blogging we writers do in the vain attempt to promote our tomes.

    • B Y, I don’t blog necessarily for the books but to promote myself. I folks find the things I have to say, from either a reading or writing perspective, I figure it will lend itself to selling more books.