The new self-published title

My fantasy novel, The Stonebearers, Order of the Nine: Part One, is now available on the Kindle for $.99. This is something of an experiment for me, being my first foray into self-publishing, and the book itself is something of an experiment. I’ve added a number of images into the book, some maps and created images I’ve made showing some of the places in the story. Some are a blend of found images within the internet’s public domain, while a couple of them are made using the building tools within the Sims3 game. The hope here is to add some more interest and value to the story, to give it something beyond the simple written word. The story here is merely the first part of a larger one, broken down from a much bigger novel. My idea here is that there will be novella sized sections of the greater story, all with images pertaining to the story within that section of story. I make no claim of being an artist when it comes to these images, so you will not find cover quality fantasy art within these pages, but I do hope that they are such that they do not detract from the story, but add to the reader’s overall enjoyment of the story. Below is the cover for The Stonebearers and a sample of some of the images contained within. I hope you will give it a try and let me know what you think. One of the biggest benefits of self-publishing is that content is never final. If there is a problem, I can fix it. If something is lacking, I can expand on it. There are no real bounds here as to how content can evolve, which is something I look forward to with this project.









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