How a story changes

Just for fun, and because I haven’t posted in a long ass time, here are the first two chapters of my original version of Deadworld, which was written in first person pov. Here you get to be directly in the heads of Jackie and Nick. I’ve posted before about how I rewrote the entire book from first to third person, and how writing in first person actually helped me a lot in rewriting, because I had a more direct connection to the characters after doing this. I might put more of this version up in the future if folks want to read it, but here’s a taste of what once was and never got to see the light of day.


2 responses to “How a story changes

  1. lol, thanks for the vote of confidence, Aimee. I got a fair bit of feedback that it was too confusing to be switching first person pov’s throughout the book. While mostly Nick and Jackie, you also got a little bit of Shelby and Laurel as well.