Here Comes the Spindly Man

The Lingering Dead, book 3 in my Deadworld series will be out in about six weeks. More mystery, mayhem, destruction, and emotional angst shall ensue. Jackie is embarking on her first case as the new Director of Special Investigations, Nick’s P.I. company, and now Jackie’s temporary home while things settle and get sorted back at the FBI. In The Vengeful Dead, when Jackie was on one of her trips to the other side and attempting to rescue Laurel from an enraged ghost, they encountered something not-so-human. What is it? What is it doing there, and why are ghosts running the hell away from it?

They don’t stick around long enough to find out, but it’s there for a reason. Of course it is! The Spindly Man is coming and will make itself known in book three. As an enticement, here’s another sketch I’ve done to give you an idea of what it looks like. I was going for creep value here, so hopefully my meager art skills were up to the task. In case you’ve never tried, drawing faces is rather difficult, so apologies if things are just a little off. Anyway, hope you enjoy. Happy reading/writing everyone.


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