Blood Justice: A Deadworld Short Story

Finally, the long mentioned short about Nick and Drake’s initial confrontation is here. I said months ago that I would do this for readers who really wanted to know more about Nick’s backstory, and so here it is. I hope that it will provide some of that much wanted info about what started all of this for Nick, but I hope everyone who decides to look at it will find it an enjoyable read on it’s own.  The story itself doesn’t require any knowledge of Deadworld, as it happens well before any of those events. A little luck and you new readers who pick it up, might be inspired to check out Deadworld too. In hindsight I really wish I had written this from the beginning and used it as the prologue for the series.  Anyway, happy reading/writing everyone. Currently it’s available through Smashwords. It will be up on Kindle (at .99 until they notice it’s free at Smashwords) and the Nook, once Smashwords gets it processed and sent out (probably about a week).

Blood Justice


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