When Readers “Get It”

As an author, I (and most others I presume) love to get positive reader feedback. It makes one feel like the writing was worthwhile, that all of those weeks of hard work have paid off by providing someone with a few hours of sparked imagination. The goal of losing the reader in the story was achieved. Sometimes though, the occasional reader will comment in such a way that you know they “get it.” They picked up on and loved every major element in the story and understand the how and why of everything in the story. It makes you feel like you wrote the story specifically for them. It’s very cool when this happens.  When you doubt your writing, reading this kind of feedback makes you realize why it’s all worthwhile. I’m happy when I know that I’ve provided a few hours of decent entertainment for readers, but those instances of “getting it” are special. They give  one that rare sense of actually knowing what the hell you’re doing. lol.  Anyway, what brought this up? Just such review for Deadworld that I recently received. Thanks, Gemma!  I’m glad I hit all of those notes.

Deadworld Review


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