Side Project Snippet

I like to write opening scenes, whether I know it’s where I really want to start the book or not, in order to help me develop a better sense of character.  It helps to solidify things in my head and spark thoughts of future character development. For fun, here’s the link to the rough, opening scene for a side project I’m toying around with. This is not my current WIP, but something kind of waiting in the wings as it were. And as an experiment, I’m putting it out here to invite feedback.  Anyway, hope you enjoy and let me know what you think. Thanks! Happy reading/writing everyone!

Note: Only keeping these various snippets up for a short time and then taking them down, and so, this one is now gone.


One response to “Side Project Snippet

  1. Awesome opening! You hit the right notes with a kickass opening scene and setting up the character dynamics. Ok. Now, go write more.