Another Harbortown Snippet

Another scene/chapter clip from the side project. Again, this is rough action here, so there’s likely a couple errors or three in here. It’s for fun, feedback, and hopefully a bit of reading enjoyment. This story is perhaps even more noir and dark than Deadworld, but non-supernatural. Noir-Romance I suppose you could call it. Here, we see police work in action in Harbortown, and the fact that my heroine, Rachel is a little bit whacked and probably has some issues to deal with. Hope you enjoy, and of course, feel free to comment, positive or negative. It’s all good. Happy reading/writing everyone.

Only keeping snippets up for a week before taking them down, and it has reached that point, so this snippet is no longer available.


5 responses to “Another Harbortown Snippet

  1. Few words missing, but didn’t know it you wanted those.

    fee should be (feet)

    You already (you’re already?)

    they eyes of a doe (?)

    Hey. What doing? (What are you doing?)

    Looks like fell pretty hard. (Looks like he fell pretty hard.)

    Hope this is what you wanted. Otherwise, good story.

    • Lol, yes, regarding this particular situation, she does. Then again, this town’s sense of justice, hell, it’s sense in general is a little skewed. Thanks for reading 🙂