Giveaway: Deadworld Series and Harlequin Romance!

Some of you may know and many likely don’t that I live in a two writer household. My wife, author Tracy Madison (you can follower her on twitter at @tracymadison) writes light paranormal and contemporary romance. She is a wonderful writer and currently writes for Harlequin’s Special Edition line. Her debut with them, Miracle Under the Mistletoe won the Reviewers Choice Award at RT this year for best in the category for 2011. So, in celebration of that recent award and the release of The Lingering Dead, I’m going to giveaway signed copies of all three Deadworld books and a couple of hers as well.  Five book giveaway!

To enter, comment below. I’m not going to make you answer any particular questions this time, but if you have a question about writing in a two author household, feel free to ask, and I’ll be happy to answer. I’ll leave this open for a week through May 16th and announce the winner on the 17th (U.S./Can address only, please). Happy reading/writing everyone!


9 responses to “Giveaway: Deadworld Series and Harlequin Romance!

  1. All righty then! The number generator gave me 4 out of a possible 5, and Tez is #4 on the list. So, grats Tez! I’ll get in touch with you here soon. I’ll likely run another giveaway in a couple of weeks, though I may arrange to do it on someone else’s site for a bit more visibility. Thanks for commenting everyone!

  2. Very cool giveaway…and very nifty to have someone at home who completely understands what your day is like and the kinds of things you’re wrestling with. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the giveaway. Its neat that you have a two writer household. Do you ever give each other advice when writing?

    • Hi, Susan! We help each other out quite a bit on everything from plotting and character issues to something as simple as word choice in a particular sentence. We listen to blurbs and give feedback, and I get the benefit of her editorial help (she’s a great editor while I am not, lol). So, yes, there’s back and forth and it’s a great benefit to have the immediacy of interaction. Thanks for asking!

  4. This contest could be a win win for me. I love the Dead Series and would be ecstatic if I won them. On the other hand, my Southern Belle daughter in law loves romance novels. If I won those, she’d have to be a real sweetheart for at least a month when I give them to her as a gift. LOL