The blog has been quiet for some time now, mostly because, well, I’ve not had much to blog about, and I’m not good at just putting up random stuff to fill the pages. My work on Harbortown continues. It’s reaching 80k words now, and I’m guessing it’ll hit close to 100k by the time this second part is done. It’s a lot of fun writing a story where the boundaries are rather expanded because realism is not a complete part of the equation. Purposefully going over the top has its advantages. Making sure it isn’t absurd is another line to watch out for.  Another dilemma is the balancing act between the crime and the romance.  Deadworld had a romantic thread but it was probably only about 15% of the arc. Harbortown is much more in the 50/50 range which is new to me. Maintaining a relatively tight focus on the romance can be difficult when one is running around blowing shit up. Regardless, it’s a good time, and hopefully at some point later this year, I’ll have a product to put out there. My Urban Fantasy still remains out on submission, with 3 rejections out of 8 pubs so far. Still got fingers crossed on that one.

Given Deadworld’s hiatus at the moment, I’m also considering retooling the blog to turn the focus toward this Harbortown story and crime/noir/romance. Not sure how or when, but I’m considering it right now. Once I figure I have things I could talk about on a weekly basis at least, I’ll get it done, and actually converse with folks again. 🙂 Meanwhile, the writing continues.


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