Story Opening-Something Different

I’ve been playing with a new story idea, a sf story based upon the following premise: what would happen if you discovered that humanity was involved in a global experiment, one with far-reaching potential, but lacked utter disregard for the immediate, singular consequences? This is very different in tone and feel for what I’ve done in the past, but I find the idea inspiring. Below is an opening possibility. Compelling or no?

The universe has its own voice. It doesn’t speak in any known language or have anything remotely cogent to say, but it is there if one listens. Perhaps it is the summation of all things: the energies given off by the stars and planets, the souls of all living things come and gone over milennia, the actions of untold billions of organisms dissipated into the vast expanse of space. It is a conglomeration of everything, settled into the sediment of existence, buried too deep for the minds of humanity to recognize, and beyond the reach of their awareness.
Felice Halladay was aware. She could sense the voice of all things. This is what she called it, this bone-deep whisper, the name she had given it from the moment her mind could form the words. She didn’t hear it all of the time. In fact, she often went days, weeks, or even months without being aware of it at all, but it was forever there, lingering in the shadows of her soul. The voice was a glimmer, a ghost, there but not, something one could only catch out of the corner of their eye but not if you looked directly at it.
Today, a crisp, bright September day in 2020, Felice Halladay turned her direct gaze upon the ghost and saw it for the first time.


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