My name is J.N. Duncan, living and working away in the state of Ohio. I am a writer of dark, urban-fantasy-suspense, and my first novel, published by Kensington will be out in April, 2011. Besides keeping you up to date with book news, which is only occasionally exciting, this blog will be dedicated to writing and the supernatural. As my series involves a strong, paranormal element, I thought it would be fun to delve into this subject a bit more, but in a way to keep it entertaining to the reader. I will also post on writing, my process, excerpts, and craft stuff in general. I look forward to your comments and participation. If you have feedback regarding the blog, feel free to post it below.

The blog will have some general content, but it will have ongoing entries based on the following:

  1. A look at haunted places from around the world
  2. Guest authors will blog about their own books, writing, and the writing life, or something else entirely.
  3. Polls on a vast variety of things, mostly for fun, because hey, polls are fun.
  4. A look at books, their covers, blurbs, and opening pages, where you decide: would you buy it?
  5. Urban fantasy art, because I like it, art is cool, and sometimes folks will get to pick out titles for them.
  6. Supernatural tabloid fodder. There’s lots of goofy and bizarre stories out there. I’ll try to find them and put them up for your enjoyment.
  7. Random other things both fun and serious that I deem blog-worthy.

4 responses to “About

  1. I wish you all the luck with your writing career, but could you please fix your email address on your web pages? I’m the real jnduncan@gmail.com, and I’m getting email that really belongs to _you_. The problem was fixed for a while, but now it’s back again — just now, a few minutes ago, I saw my email address listed in your contact info in the bottom right-hand bar on the front page (2011-08-19 12:45 ET).

    I used to reply to the senders, but gave up when the quantity got too large. The anxiety of all these unanswered email messages is killing me! Help! 😉


  2. I have to say I really really loved Deadworld just finished it last night .Couldn’t put it down I loved the characters and your take on vampires..can’t wait for the next book!

  3. I just finished Deadworld! It is with out a doubt one of the best Books i have read in a long long time. Your twist on vampires is wonderful and i am looking forward to the next Book.

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