Coming soon to an ereader near you…

Before Deadworld, there was my epic fantasy, Order of the Nine. This is a story I worked on for quite some time, off and on in the years preceding my writing of Deadworld. As one might guess from the title, it involves a group of nine characters, who are to be brought together to end a war, a war that little beknownst to them, is one they are not suppose to win, all thanks to a paranoid, manipulative deity, who may not be an actual deity at all. While not mind-boggling new in storyline, I still love this story and hope to some day see it to its conclusion.

So, after having little luck making the agent rounds, and having to deal with a traditional market already fairly rife with big, epic fantasies, I’m going to put this out there myself for folks to read and hopefully enjoy. Part of the timing of this is also to help bring some more readers over to Deadworld, and hopefully vice verse. Also, being rather broke right now, any 99 cent sales is extra money in my pocket that I can sorely use right now. We’ll see how it goes. It certainly isn’t going to hurt anything, as the story has been doing nothing but collect dust, and I would really love to see the rest of it get told. It’s a fun story in my opinion, full of war, romance, conspiracies, and magic.  I’m working on editing part one now, getting it formatted properly for kindle initially, and then perhaps the nook, smashwords, and so on. It will have maps, and some drawings scattered throughout, something you don’t typically see in ebooks (at least I’ve not seen much of that), which personally I’ve always loved in the fantasy genre.  I’ll keep you all updated on this project as it moves along, but leave you now with my preliminary cover. Happy reading/writing everyone!