Some Story Help Please

Toying around with the sf story idea, which has as part of its premise, human experimentation. Not in an alien autopsy or locked room sort of way, but far more subtle. This is an experiment that does not appear to have an impact on your life. Why? Because you haven’t actually been aware of it. The world has changed in ways that may or may not be significant to you, but the change also alters your memory/perception of these changes so that they don’t even seem like changes at all. You may know people now that you didn’t before or suddenly be able to do something you once couldn’t, but your perception doesn’t perceive this as a change at all. Something is happening on a regular basis to you and everyone around you but it doesn’t actually feel like anything has changed at all. You don’t know who is doing it, how, or why they would be, but it is happening and will continue to keep happening. 

What is your reaction to this dilemma? 

Retweet this around at will. I’m curious how people feel this would effect them, as I’m trying to wrap my brain around the story and deciding what the world would do in such an event.


5 responses to “Some Story Help Please

  1. Tweak. I think for this to work, you woul have to have a few people in various global locations that can “see” the changes in themselves and others. From there you can add in characters that accept it and watch, others that study they event and some that go insane or act out in violent rages.

    If there isn’t anyone aware of the changes or tweaks them your just writing a book about a shifting landscape.

  2. I think that I, and most others, would quickly put these impressions from our mind as they’d appear to lead nowhere and might only result in us feeling like we’re becoming unhinged.

  3. I think the hard part about this is, if people don’t realize it’s happening to them, how can they have a reaction?

    Personally, if I KNEW this was happening, I’d do everything I could to find out who was doing it, and how to stop them. It seems unfair. Unless what I discovered made everyone’s lives better. Then it would seem like a gift.

    Without knowing specifics, it’s hard to react. But, if you can pull it off, it sounds awesome. LIke it would make a good movie *wink wink*